Yvonne Avis

Yvonne took an introductory glass bead-making course in 2012 and has been experimenting with glass ever since. In 2015, Avis expanded her knowledge of hot glass by learning how to work at the furnace. She has taken flameworking classes with Holly Cooper, Astrid Reidel, Susan Stortini, Karina Guévin, Cédric Ginart, Charlynne Lafontaine and Alberto Greselin. She also pursued her knowledge of furnace work under Bronwyn McKnight, Melody Jewitt and Dean Smiley.

She is currently a member of the Terminal City Glass Co-op in Vancouver and this affiliation has given her the opportunity to take classes with Joanne Andrighetti (flameworking), Hope Forstenzer, Heather Konschuh, Dylan Basford, Brad Turner and Jaan Poldaas (furnace). During the COVID19 pandemic she managed to continue her glass education by participating in a remote learning course from the Corning Museum of Glass taught by William Gudenrath.

Based in Ottawa, Avis divides her exploration time between her studio at Loretta Studios and Gallery and the Ottawa Glassblowing Co-op.

Whether she is working small or large pieces, colour is always her intrigue and her muse. The spectral universe embodied in her glass paperweights and even in her beads speaks to her obsession with colour and light. Her scientific background shows through her methodical documentation of the resulting reactions between colours and the use of varying flame chemistries. She has a particular interest in Double Helix and other reactive glass. Yvonne truly believes that collecting colour is good for her brain and she has an entire Pinterest board to prove it!

Yvonne and her sister Wendy formed Fluide Fire Creations to showcase their glass art. You can find them on social media using the handle @fluidefire or click below.

Yvonne Avis