About Us

Loretta Studios and Gallery is an artist run inclusive space for learning, collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and resources. We also provide affordable work spaces for artists. We are a glass focused, multi-disciplinary studio with an onsite gallery which allows our affiliated artists the opportunity to exhibit their work. We currently house studio spaces for emerging artists, more established artists and hobbyists.

As a teaching facility, we offer classes in flameworked glass (borosilicate and soft glass), kiln-cast glass (sculpture), coldworking, mould making and silversmithing. We invite teachers locally, from elsewhere in Canada and from abroad to teach in our well equipped studio-classroom with the aim of promoting excellence in the glass arts. We also offer casual bench time for students wanting to use the facility and work at their own pace.

Since opening to the public in December 2015, we have hosted several art exhibitions in our gallery, some group exhibits, some highlighting individual artists at Loretta. On occasion, we have also invited artists from outside of our group to display their work. These well attended events promote the work of exhibiting artists as well as providing a source of inspiration to our students, guests and other attendees. Between specific exhibitions, our gallery is open to the public for viewing the work made by our on site artists. Both functional and decorative pieces are available for purchase.