Equipment and Facilities


5 Kilns: 3 x Paragon Bluebird XL, 1 x Paragon SC2, 1 x JenKen AF3P
9 Oxygen Concentrators: 1 x 10 lpm, 8 x 5 lpm
2 Multipurpose tables: 1 seats 6, 1 seats 4
Shelving for glass and tool storage


2 work tables: 32″ x 48″ with metal work surface
Steamer for removing wax
Covington cork or felt polishing wheels
Covington 761 vertical belt sander 100-220-400-800-cork-felt belts
ASW Diamond flat grinder 12″ 100-260-400-600-pumice-cerium discs
Diamond Max Flat grinder 6″ 80-180-360-600-pumice-cerium discs
King Canada saw with 6″ pro-slicer diamond blade
Taurus III ring saw
Diamond Hand Pads 60-120-200-400-800-1800 grit
Loose grit on 6mm glass pad 80-220-400-600-pumice-cerium
Dremel / drill press
Lortone tumbler
Glastar glass grinder
Ultrasonic cleaner
Sandblasting cabinet – coming soon!


Central work table: 6 feet x 8 feet with metal surface (accommodates up to 8 students)
Ventilation: 6 foot x 8 foot stainless steel hood with variable speed fan 3000-6000 cfm
3 kilns: 1 x Paragon F120, 1 x Paragon Bluebird XL, 1 x Paragon SC2
Bench burners: 2 x Nortel Minor Burner, 2 x Nortel Mega Minor, 2 x Nortel Midrange Plus, 2 x Bethlehem Bravo
Handheld torches: 4 x Gentec Small Torches
Protective Eyewear: 8 x rose didymium and 4 x shade 3s
Hand tools: 4 x basic tool kits and assorted tools
Lockers and drawers for storage
Mandrel prep station
Glass: assorted glass for student use
Reference library
Dry erase board


If you would like to rent a locker or a drawer, click here. Lockers or drawers cost $10/month and must be paid in advance. Glass and tools may only be left in the studio if you have a locker or drawer. Lockers will accommodate boro tubing and/or rods up to 36″ in length. Lockers are 12″w x 14″d x 36″ h and drawers are 15″w x 26″d x 4″h