Kurt Walther: multimedia

Kurt Walther is a unique abstract artist who uses layered block prints, printed objects, line and washes of colour to create multi layered paintings. Some of his works are evocative of dystopic or atrophied cityscapes. They are peopled with images of tarsiers and frogs with a chaotic, plant and fungal life growing over the ruins. Others pieces seem to be placid under water or pastoral scenes. Kurt’s works are filled with an intriguing business of colour, image and line.

As well as making prints and sculpture, Kurt Walther is an accomplished guitarist and bass player who has been working out of Ottawa as a composer, arranger, and songwriter for over thirty years. He has played with several Ottawa groups and teaches music at the Sunnyside School and at other venues throughout the city. He has written instruction books for guitar and bass, and has a discography of over thirty albums to his credit in the capacity of band member, arranger, writer and producer.


Breathing Out by Kurt Walther

After the Pine Boring Beetles

Noah’s Tank by Kurt Walther

Surface Tension

Expensive Pet Funeral by Kurt Walther

Eye of the Storm by Kurt Walther

Airstrike by Kurt Walther