Colour Swap

Sunday June 25th, 2017
1pm – 5pm

Dark clouds looming in the sky, threatening thunderstorms, rainy Sunday afternoon, Aretha on the turntable demanding Respect … the perfect setting for Loretta’s inaugural colour swap.

Poised at the swap table were eager flameworkers waiting for each attendee to unveil what they had brought to the exchange. Moretti, Effetre, CiM, Bullseye, ASK and boro flew around the table and landed in happy hands … new acquisitions were fairly made and quickly added to individual palettes.

Colour, colour, colour. We looked at colour. We talked about colour. We drooled over colour. All afternoon. Yvonne even brought her books on colour for us to peruse, resulting in immediate inspiration for combinations we may never have dreamed of!

A wonderful event with wonderful people. Thanks to all who attended!

(we gotta do it again!)