Ann Welbourn: glass

Ann began her art journey in her youth. As her parents were artists, painting, sculpture, pottery, arts and crafts were always a part of Ann’s life growing up on the West Island outside of Montreal in the 60’s. Her parents didn’t want their children to feel that they had to colour within any established lines, so colouring books were banned from her household and instead they had blank pages and plenty of scrap materials instead to create art. Ann took fine arts classes at Concordia University in the early 1970’s and always had a passion for the arts, in particular, a fascination with glass. Loving the colours, the shapes and the way the light plays on this medium, she began to pursue a lifelong dream to do glassblowing.

In 2012, she started to flamework glass, learning from Grace Edwards, in Ottawa. Having taken courses with Corina Tettinger , Hayley Tsang Sather , Holly Cooper, Amy Bond, Susan Stortini, Muriel Duval, Karina Guévin, Cédric Ginart, Charlynne Lafontaine and Zuzana Hron, she embraces many different techniques including blowing glass. Ann is very much inspired by clean, simple lines and most of her designs are influenced by forms and hues found in nature.

Recently, Ann has embarked on a fundraising project titled “WONADS” in support of ovarian cancer research. All proceeds from Ani Jewellery and WONADS are donated to Dr. Barbara Vanderhyden’s medical research lab in Ottawa where they are working with cutting edge technology to find a cure, new treatments, vaccinations, and earlier detection techniques for Ovarian Cancer.